How to Make a Chic Wallet from a Milk Carton


The milk cartons should be recycled, transforming them into a good wallet, and the great thing is that it is a creative idea which is not difficult to practice.

These are the items you need for your chic wallet

– scissors;
– milk carton;
– acrylic blanket;
– patterned fabric;
– brush;
– black elastic;
– black fabric strip;
– decorative button;
– glue for fabric;
– needle and thread;
– white glue;







The milk carton should be opened and pressed to straighten it. A side of the carton should be cut, and the interior washed and allowed to dry. The painted side of the box should be glued with the use of the brush and the white glue, after which the acrylic blanket should be stuck. After being allowed to dry, the fabric glue should be used to stick the fabric over the silver part of the box and over the acrylic blanket.

The fabric excess should be cut, with the form of the wallet made by folding the carton covered two times. The edges of a part should be rounded and the edges of the other two parts sewn together. The black fabric strip should be glued to cover the borders, while a hole with the scissors should be made in the center of the side which is rounded. Then, the elastic should be placed by making a knot; the button should be sewn. The wallet should be closed by passing the elastic around it, and then fixed at the button.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE