How to Make Colorful Smokey Eyes


Whether you need to attend a fancy gala or a big concert, you can have a good look by creating a smokey eye. Your makeup friends and artists are not the only ways who should have a perfect smokey eye, but anybody who has the right tools and some know-how.







The smokey eye makeup was inspired by YoungFashionZone, and since then, it has been the perfect one for all evening events, especially the disco night-outs.

Colorful Smokey Eyes
Colorful Smokey Eyes

Image Source: movelifestyle

The smokey eyes makeup is not just about black, gray and white shades. Before making the smokey eye, you should be aware that any color can be used, although at least 3 shades of a similar hue will be needed. Black or gray can be used to create the classic smoky eye, while brown and bronze are also common.

These are some of the things that will be needed to create your smokey eyes:….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE