How to Make Cute Hair Bow Easily



If you love bows and you do not know how to make them, then the tips described in this article will guide you, and within a short time, you will become an expert in making it.

These are the steps you need to follow:

• Take a little hair from each of the parts of the head.
• The two sections of the hair should be tied together using an elastic in making a half ponytail. The ends should not be pulled through the elastic the last time it is wrapped to realize a loop.
• The loop should be split in half so as to make two smaller loops. Then a loop should be clipped aside.

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• Using the fingers, the loop should be spread out and pushed flat against the head to form a bow shape. A bobby pin should be inserted, going from the top to bottom and the other going from the bottom to the top.
• This should be done again on the other side for the to bow shape to be completed.
• The remaining ends of the ponytail should be picked up and wrapped up and around the elastic for it to be hidden. To secure it, use some bobby pins underneath.