How to Make the Dutch Flower Braid Hairstyle


This is a very elegant hairstyle which is difficult to make, but with the knowledge of the braiding art, you will find everything to be very easy.


These are the major items you need:

– comb;
– brush;
– spray bottle;
– hairspray (if desired);
hair elastic;
– a small flower accessory for center of flower bun,
– bobby pins;







The hair should be prepared for braiding and then brushed. The hair partitioning should be started on the left side, and a reverse French braid made in that zone and headed towards the right side. From this side, braiding should be continued towards the left side again for the “S” letter form to be obtained.

Dutch Flower Braid Hairstyle
Dutch Flower Braid Hairstyle


Image Source: tirazarte

The remaining strands on the lower left side of the hair should be braided again, and this should be continued the same pattern is formed, and until you are no longer having strands. A hair elastic should then be used in securing the tail, and the Dutch braid wrapped counterclockwise for a pin to be used to fix it. The small flower should be pinned, but you should ensure that the pins are hidden so as not to destroy your look.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE