How to Make a Good Flower Ball Bouquet



StayathomeArtist’s Kacey offers a great idea for creating a beautiful piece of decor, which can be used for many things, including a beautiful gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. It is a project which can be done yourself, following certain simple steps.


You will need:

– styrofoam ball;
– candlestick;
– glue;
– ribbon;
– silk flowers;

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Image Source: alldaychic

Glue should be used to fix the styrofoam ball to the candlestick, after which the flower heads should be pulled off the sprig, before you start to make your bouquet. Starting beginning from the base of the ball, glue should be put on the flower stem and shoved into the foam.
This should be continued with the Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "wonderful-zipper-bag-idea-diy" placed in rows. After using flowers to cover the ball, your candlestick should be decorated using a pretty ribbon.