How to Make Mini Panda Cupcakes



This is a Bakerella-onspired idea for making good panda cupcakes for a healthy dessert for a party or for your family.

These are the items you need:

For cupcakes:

– mini muffin pan;
– chocolate muffin mix;

For decorations:

decorator bag;
– white frosting (check out the video below to find how to make it);
– sanding sugar;
– chocolate jimmies.
– chocolate chips;







Image Source: alldaychic

The cupcakes should be made watching some videos or according to the instructions on the package. A good video helps you in making white frosting, and to start making your cupcakes, you should use a decorator bag to frost your cold cupcakes. After that, each cupcake should be pressed into the sugar from a bowl. Make the eyes, ears and nose of the panda using chocolate chips, while for the mouth, chocolate jimmies should be made. Concerning the details of the eyes, edible ink pens can be used on white confettis.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE