How to Make the New Vintage Pin Up Hairstyle


Pinup hairstyles are still popular today even though we are far away from the 1940s when they were very popular among women of all ages. You will still find them to be very fashionable with playful bangs, bandanas and bold curls to improve your look.


It is not difficult to style your hair at home if there is a person giving you directions on what you need to do. Below, you will discover how to easily make this type of hairstyle today.

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These are the things you need:

– bobby pins;
– a square scarf;

Image Source: alldaychic


The first thing you need to do is to select the top hair and use bobby pins to fix it. After that, the hair should be pinned up on the back, and gradually, until you have all of your hair fixed. Taking the scarf, you should fold it, creating a triangle. Then, the triangle should be rolled to the edge from the wider part. It should then be put under your hair and tied up on the top of your head.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE