How to Make Pearl Beads Necklace



There are certain simple steps you need to follow if you want to make the NotWithoutHeels-inspired pearl beads necklace. Doing it right lets you have what looks gorgeous every time on you.


These are the items you:

– 220 glass pearl beads;
– 2 chains with different dimensions;
– fishing line;
– 2 eye pins;
– lobster claw clasp;
– pliers.
– 2 jump rings;








Image Source: makeupfashionmagazine

On fishing line, string 12 pearls together, making a beaded ball! This should be continued until you have 18 beaded balls, with an eye pint introduced into a pearl bead for a loop to be made in fixing the end. It should be connected to one of the ends of the thinner chain, after which the chain should be threaded through the beaded balls. After you finish, the chain should be cut and secured using another single pearl bead. The bigger chain, not longer than 3 inches, should be fetched and attached to the loop ends of the 2 pearl beads, with the necklace closed using a lobster claw clasp.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE