How to Make a Short Hairstyle Without Cutting


Sometimes, it is necessary to make changes to how one looks, as that enables looking different. To get that done, the first thing that needs to be done is modifying the style of the hair. However, if you decide to make cuts, a beautiful long hair can induce regrets. Therefore, the great solution of hairstyle is having short hair without cutting anything, as inspired by ABeautifulMess.

The things you need to make this hairstyle are:

hair elastic;
– pins;
– hair spray;
– curling iron;


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Image Source: abeautifulmess

The hair should be split into two parts, after which some pins will be taken to fix the top section of the hair, so as to prevent any mix-up. Then, from the bottom part, you should make a ponytail. After a bun is created from the ponytail, pin it right against the head. Now, the top section should be divided into small strands, folding them up and pinning underneath, while ensuring that the bobby pins are hidden. Any loose pieces should then be styled using the curling iron, and some good accessories can be added for a better aspect. Then, use hair spray to fix the hairstyle.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE