Make Smokey Eyes with Just Eye Liner



You can easily make a smokey, seductive eye using just a pencil eyeliner and no eyeshadow. This is great for those who are in a time crunch but still want that smokey eye effect. This will likely come in handy for you at some point.
What You Need:
• Mascara
• Pencil eye liner (chunky pencil works best)

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• Blending Brush (small, dome-headed)



What to Do:

Smokey Eyes
Smokey Eyes

Image Source: thebeautydepartment
– Apply some of the eye liner on your hand; enough that can be transferred from there to your eyes.
– Using the blending brush, dip it in the eye liner and get it well-coated.
– Now it’s time to put it on the eyelids, starting from the inside corner of your eye. You can choose the shape of your smokey eye.
– Now fill in the eyelid within the shape with the eyeliner.
– Apply your mascara.
– Enjoy! You can make it more dramatic by lining your lash line with the same color eye liner or an alternate color.