How to Make Sweet Chocolate Bowls Dessert



Balloons should be put inside the refrigerator for between 55 and 65 minutes, after which you will remove and carefully pop a balloon at a time, carefully peeled away from the chocolate bowl’s inside. These are the images showing the different chocolate bowl forms.

Image Source: fabartdiy


Another method

For Valentine’s Day why not surprise your sweetheart with a homemade sweet chocolate bowls dessert? To make this dessert, you want to melt a bag of chocolate chips over warm water in a double boiler and then you would dip the bottoms of the balloons in the melted chocolate then let the balloons sit for five minutes. Finally, you want to pop the balloons and then you are finished with the bowls. Put the chocolate bowls in the refrigerator until you are ready to put ice cream or other desserts in them.