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For most women, cosmetics mean everything. Make up is not always used to look good but most importantly, to thrive and feel good. Apparently, it can boost one’s self esteem and can provide our much needed confidence.

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Make up Geek is a website designed for every woman to embrace their addiction to cosmetics. It is not only a place to sell beauty products and makeup kits, but also a place to talk about beauty and to teach women on its various aspects. The website aims to educate striving women to feel and look beautiful as they believe that ‘make up’ is a wonderful thing that can help us embrace our unique beauty.

makeup geek
makeup geek

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Meet the CEO

The CEO and founder of Make up Geek (MUG) is Marlena Stell, a self-confessed cosmetic addict, a professional makeup artist, and a YouTube guru. She is a member of Beauty Bloggerati, an elite group of beauty bloggers and also considers herself a Makeup Educator. Before she became a YouTube star and a beloved online makeup educator, Marlena worked as a high school music teacher. She then posted makeup tutorials on YouTube and the growing interest in her posts at MakeUpGeekTV, her YouTube channel led her to launch her own makeup store. She also decided to quit teaching and handle her business full time.