Makeup Contouring Tricks


Every woman strives for the doll-like perfect of flawless skin with just the right amount of rosy blushing cheeks, long, dark eyelashes and lush lips. Most of the time, it is only dolls that have this perfect look. We humans have to make a great effort to get the same appearance. When you have a perfect complexion, you feel like a princess!






With a few secrets tricks from the makeup bag, you can contour your face to get the look you want.

For a porcelain smooth look, you need to use the contouring and highlighting technique. It will leave you with a flawless complexion you desire.

Makeup Contouring Tricks
Makeup Contouring Tricks

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The basic rules of highlighting and contouring are simple: dark foundation around the outer edges of the face and lighter foundation near the center.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE