The decisions you make regarding your cosmetics and clothing can influence how your best features are complimented, say a lot about your style, and determine whether or not you will look fresh and be full of life. The reason is that makeup decisions can backfire: a greasy cream will make you to feel uncomfortable under the sun and the wrong shade of makeup will never accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. There are women who fail in their fashion and beauty routines because they just don’t care or do not have the time, making the products which have worked for others not to meet expectations. What are the common makeup mistakes that you should not make?

Failing to Use Foundation

Foundation is what some people fail to use, thinking that the older they get, the more makeup they need to look younger.






Not using foundation makes your skin tone to be dull in certain places, while it is shiny in others. Those who use foundation fail to use the one which creates a smooth and perfect complexion, covering up any imperfections. Before using foundation, you should test it first on your jawline instead of on the hand. A good foundation livens the skin.

Exaggerated Eyebrows

Exaggerating the eyes brows using something like the dark brow pencil makes you to really look awkward. The right thing to do is to use a spooly brush in directing the brow hairs upward at an angle of 45 degrees, and then set with brow gel. An eyebrow pencil should be used by brunettes, while pencil one shade darker should be used by blondes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE