Makeup Mistakes That Add Years


Makeup, mostly applied by women but also men nowadays, has always been an effective method to enhance one’s appearance. Makeup has also the power to cover many aesthetic problems which have surgery solutions, being a great way to make temporary changes without having to spend a lot. As many people are interested in makeup you may notice the surge of tutorials and beauty product reviews found on different social media platforms.

However, despite all those tutorials, those who are new to makeup; or even those who have been using makeup for many years may be using it wrong. How so? Instead of enhancing your appearance, once you ‘commit’ one of these makeup mistakes, you may have age yourself unintentionally. Here, we have compiled several makeup mistakes you need to look out for:

1. Concealer


Many things can go wrong when you apply concealer, but basically there are 2 things. One, the tone and two, how much you apply it. For starters, you’d have to find a concealer that matches your skin tone; not too dark or too light. And remember, don’t apply tons of it! If you’d like to conceal your eye bags, a light touch in the skin under the eye is necessary, but again, don’t overdo it!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE