Wrong Concealer

One of the other makeup mistakes people make is that they gain unwanted attention to what they are trying to cover up because they are not using the right under-eye concealer shade. The concealer should be tested on the back of the hand. If it is too light there, the product is likely too light for the face. Most skin tones go well with orange concealer to conceal darkness. Working from the outside to the inner corners, the concealer should be dabbed gently to the under-eye area. After that, the complexion should be evened out using foundation.

Makeup on Dry Skin

Another mistake is to apply makeup on flaky, dry skin. Foundation reveals the flakes because it sits on them instead of making them to blend with the skin. The dryness should be fixed by regularly exfoliating, thus making the flakes to be eliminated. After that, a rich moisturizer should be used.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE