7 Makeup Tips for Small Eyes


5. Where to Get Additional Information on Makeup for Small Eyes

 One place to get information is by reading online articles and how-to tutorials on how you can apply makeup to small eyes. Another good idea is to talk with people who have small eyes and wear good makeup so you can get additional help. Fashion magazines often have advice on wearing makeup as someone with small eyes and beauty supplies store salespersons could offer advice to you.

6. Good Eyeshadow for Those With Small and Blue Eyes

You can choose a dark blue eyeshadow if you have blue eyes since it provides a beautiful contrast for your eyes. Other good eyeshadow colors include gray, taupe, peach, silver or purple. You can also pair black eyeliner with the eyeshadow to create beautiful eyeshadows if you have small and blue eyes. For those with fair skin, lighter eyeshadow colors would work while deeper and darker colors would work for those with dark hair.


When you utilize the right methods for makeup if you have small eyes, your eyes will look better and your confidence in your appearance will also increase. Do not be afraid to experiment with different eyeshadow colors. Finally, get advice from others when doing the makeup.

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