5 Makeup tips and Tricks for Brown Eyes


1. Choosing the Right Makeup

When looking for a good eyeshadow that complements your brown eyes, you want to look for eyeshadow in tones such as brown, pink and blue colors. For eyeliner you can purchase one in colors such as navy, plum red or maroon to contrast your brown eyes. Black mascara should be worn because it brings out the brown in your eyes and the color of your eyeshadow and eyeliner. Neutral-colored lipstick is a good choice.

2. Eyeshadow for Dark Brown Eyes 

If you have dark brown eyes, make them pop with light or medium blue eyeshadow because this color provides an excellent contrast to the dark brown in your eyes. Light pink eyeshadow make dark brown eyes pop and if you want bolder colors to complement your eyes, choose turquoise, light green, orange or even gold eyeshadow.

Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

3.What If I Have Brown Eyes and Dark Hair?

 If you have brown eyes and dark hair, you want to choose eyeshadow in tones such as purple, royal blue, silver or white and with these colors you can create the smoky eye look if you are attending a formal function or going to the club. Start by applying the blue eyeshadow on the eyes’ creases then combine it with black or gray eyeshadow and smudging it a little. If you have a warm skin tone you can use eyeshadow colors green, chocolate brown or beige. Use a light pink or medium red blush for your face and for the lips, you can wear light pink lipstick if you have a warm skin tone or a deep red if you are olive or dark-skinned.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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