Let’s face it, girls are cute. They’re undeniably cute. Not always, of course. For example, when a girl is screaming at us to go out and get their pills while we’re shooting zombies on our video game, that’s not cute at all.

Well, actually – yes, even that is sometimes cute. They way they try to scream above the zombies is cute!

But seriously. Girls have their moments, and it’s why we fall in love with them. But what are the most cute things that guy love about girls? Is it the way they sleep? The way they always insist they’re right in an argument? Maybe it’s the way they get scared before a horror movie has even started?

To celebrate girls, let’s take a look at the 10 cute things guys love about girls.

The Way Girls Sleep

If you love your girl, it’s natural to enjoy watching her sleep if she drops before you. The way her eyes are soundly closed after a long day. The way her lips are creased in a small smile. She looks so utterly content, knowing she’s sleeping beside you.

If she happens to wake up suddenly and look around her, you won’t be able to believe her cuteness.
“Why are you watching me?” she’ll ask, crankily.

Girls aren’t always adorable sleepers, of course. Sometimes they’ll drool, make strange faces, talk in their sleep – and sometimes they’ll even snore. But it doesn’t really matter. When she’s off to la-la land, she’s cute no matter what.

The Way They Try To Dig Sports

“Go team!” she cries while stuffing her face with popcorn before sitting on the edge of the sofa to get nearer to the action.

She hasn’t got a clue who’s playing so “team” works either way.

She doesn’t understand offside, touch down or any other important rules of the game, but she’s willing to pretend she does, just so she can spend more time with you. And it’s really cute.

The Way They Won’t Admit They’re Wrong

You know she’s wrong. She knows she’s wrong. And you know she knows you know she’s wrong.

But she still won’t admit it. Nope.

Eventually, as she persists against all the odds in the world that she was right, you can’t help but smile and laugh. It’s cute how far she’s willing to take this, despite being totally wrong from the start.

Girls enjoy being right, even more than men. While guys are better at fixing stuff, girls have to be right. And it’s cute when they defend this right to the death.

When They Don’t Wear Makeup

Girls have a bit of an obsession with makeup, and often staunchly refuse to leave the house without a painted face.

But little do they realise that we find their natural look SO cute.

The Way They Suddenly Get Fiercely Passionate

I used to go out with a girl who was very reserved most of the time. All our friends knew how reserved she was. She was the beacon of calm amidst the storm. Whenever our friends were fighting, she would be the peace maker.

That is, until it came to football. If there was an injustice against her team, the fire inside her would ignite. Her cheeks would turn crimson, and she would go apoplectic with rage.

“Referee! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

While this isn’t especial cute per say, it is cute when girls express their passion so angrily – and won’t calm down when you tell them to.

My girlfriend would blow up at the smallest things at football matches. While the rest of us were reserved, she was ready to get onto the pitch and talk to the ref!

We like girls who are passionate. We like them to have fire inside them. But when they make a mountain out of a mole hill, it’s kinda cute. It’s girls being girls.

The Way They Can’t Cook

Girls like to think they can cook. Their mom could cook, their grandmother could cook and so on.

So they want to impress you with their culinary skills. Unfortunately, when it ends in total disaster and you’re left with some black stuff you’re going to go hungry.

But it’s still cute.

The Way They Get Scared

Girls can be really rational. But – like guys – they can also be really irrational.

And it’s cute to see them be struck down with the fear of God whenever a spider scuttles across the carpet.

“OMG! You have to get rid of that spider NOW!” they scream from on top of the table (because that’s where they’ve ran to for safety).

“If you don’t get rid of it now, I will divorce you I’m not even kidding OMG!!”

Girls can be really strong when it comes to making big decisions and tackling various other things life throws at them. But as soon as fate decides to send a tiny spider their way, their life falls apart.

But it’s cute the way girls get scared in general. We have to be there to walk them home at night, hold them during a scary movie and get rid of that darn spider. And we love playing the role of protector.

The Way A Girl Laughs

“I hate my laugh!” she’ll say. “Stop laughing at the way I laugh!”

We love the way a girl laughs! Often, girls seem to enter a fit of uncontrollable giggles for the most random reasons. And it’s cute.

A Girls’ Quirks

We often don’t think much of our own quirks. In fact, we assume they make us weird. Why would anyone find it cute when we have to flick a light switch on four times before leaving it on?

But all quirks are cute – especially a girls’ quirks.

Whether it be the way she dresses, the way she makes her coffee, or just the things she says, quirks are endearing.

Their Pink Cheeks

Maybe this is the cutest thing of them all? The way a girls’ cheeks turn pink when she’s embarrassed.

Stay happy!