Medieval Fortune – Telling Against a Table


This is medieval fortune telling against a table. Make a wish and poke a finger at random at the table that consists of numbers from 1 to 100. Whichever number your finger hits – that is the answer. Below is the table, and then – the interpretation of the numbers.

Numbers interpretation


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Values of the numbers:
1- Your heart will be sorrowful, but trust in God.
2- There will profit, but there will also come tears.
3- Your talent you’ve already dug into the ground, preserve the rest.
4- Hope does not disappoint you, live honestly.
5- Soon you will know joy, but be careful.
6- Chase away all evil thoughts, evil is punished.
7- Not all live in wealth, the world is changing: the poor becomes rich, and vice versa.



8- Take courage, fear not: he who seeks finds.
9- Your desired will not be fulfilled, do not lean upon the promise. You will be left a fool.
10- Whom you nurtured and brought up, by him will you be betrayed.
11- The thing about which you will think, will change soon and will bring you no joy.
12- Avoid the society of bad people.
13- Do not let money and time go to waste: there is no use crying over spilt milk.
14- Your wish will be fulfilled, but not soon.
15- The path of your life is favorable.
16- Do good deeds, help others, chase away evil thoughts.
17- Some shed blood, you shall spill tears.
18- Expect changes in your life towards happiness, but heed a woman’s advice and you shall lose everything.
19- A lot of good you do, and your virtue will make your life last for many summers.
20- You shall have a lot of enemies, but with God’s aid will you conquer them all.