Medieval Fortune – Telling Against a Table


21- What you have in mind will happen.
22- The will be a great storm: if you act smart, it will pass you by.
23- Stop doing people evil, so you don’t experience it yourself.
24- He on whom you rely stands behind you, badmouthing you.
25- Your heart and soul ache. Have strength, there isn’t much left to endure, there will come relief.
26- A great joy will visit you.
27- It is in vain that you wish for it, your years are passing, lead a Christian life.
28- In old age will you live in peace and joy.
29- Our life is like the sea, troubled. He who left you will be brought by the tide.
30- What you ask and wish for, you will soon get, but keep your mouth shut.
31- Friends will deceive you, and you will repent.
32- You are tempered and easily offended, not all understand you, but you have a good heart. Bright days will come your way too.
33- You are lied to, and you, in your weakness, believe it.
34- And through gold tears flow, you will understand my words later.
35- Hasten not: will not come true what you dream of, he of whom you think shall not return.
36- Throw out the rubbish out of your head and live righteously.
37- You may hide from people, but never from God. There will come the time for you to remember these words.
38- You will hear the news and be terrified.
39- Do not give way to evil thoughts.
40- Tame your temper.

41- Eat one, eat another, and then you will get eaten.
42- Your wish will come true soon.
43- You will grieve.
44- Do not always heed people’s advice.
45- Look around: someone is in a much worse state than you, and it is you God spares.
46- Do not judge and do not pass around false rumors.
47- The time will come and you will get what you aspire to.
48- You liked to ski downhill, you will enjoy skiing uphill too.
49- You will pay attention in the street, you will get burned at home.
50- All your sorrows will be dispersed.
51- You will frequent healers.
52- Your evil is under the threshold.
53- Do not raise money.
54- You will love, and you will be hit.
55- Expect new things.
56- Sooner said than done.
57- Doubtful are your hopes.
58- Expect separation.
59- Don’t count out a prison cell, a begging bowl may come as well
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