Meditation and Music as Aids


Due to its strong emotional and relaxing effect, listening to music could successfully diminish the urge for smoking. This transformation is possible because music changes the contextual situation and diverts one’s mind from the habit. It is very helpful to play soothing tunes in the moments you are used to smoking, like after eating or during break at work.

One of the aspects of smoking that is most hard to abandon is its stress-relief effect. Many people light up when under pressure, to take a mental break or simply by habit. Because of its calming effect, music could neutralize this urge. This does not mean you need to listen to chill-out by all means.






Whatever rhythm works for you, black metal included, could be used as a stress reliever.
Another way to fight the so-called “mental addiction” is through meditation. It is not hard to learn to control your mind and only requires some practice. The easiest way is to sit, relaxed, with eyes closed. The goal is to focus and not let your mind drift. Meditation is considered a way to feel the energy around you and become an entity with it. It is not about alienating oneself from the surroundings, but, on the contrary, about feeling more intensely the smallest details of everything.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE