Medium Hair is in!

medium hairstyles


Not only does it look nice with side-sweeping or a blunt fringe, it also flatters various hair types, face shape, and age. No wonder more celebrities nowadays opt for this type of hairstyle.

Medium Hair

Medium length hair is definitely the most versatile length that a woman can have. Aside from the usual long hair length, there are also lots of medium hairstyles that can be achieved. Though long hair and short hair have charms of their own, women with medium length hair can choose from a wider attractive haircuts and styles that can set off their features better. Here are few of the gorgeous style for women with medium hair length:

• The Chop – it does not fall too long and just within your shoulder. This is perfect for those who were tired and sick of their long hair but is too afraid to try shorter hair. It has become popular for women among 30 as it is not too long or too short and just hits at the collarbone that looks best for them…READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE