Medium Hair is in!


• Dishabille – this attractive medium length hairstyle is intentionally “messy”. This is popular in urban areas as it was considered fairly fashionable compared to more sleek types of hairstyles. This is commonly applied with casual clothing such as boots, skinny, or tees. It is versatile as your makeup can go from the natural look to dark and smoky one.

medium hairstyles

• Hyper-Straightened – it goes well with those who prefer to achieve ultra-sleek look. However, it needs to be touched up every morning with iron and needs to be maintained. This is for women who have ample time to spend each morning keeping up their hair.
• Structured Layers – one of the medium hairstyles between extremely sleek to extremely casual. A halfway between formal and informal hairstyle that looks good for women working on a more “business casual” type of environment. It is also a versatile hairstyle as it could be styled in various ways and with different styling products and accessories depending on you.

• Curls – ringlets or individuated curls are appropriate from daytime to night time event. Though this is a bit formal than other styles on the list, it extremely flatters most women’s face shapes as curls provide balance with their overall look.
• Bangs – before getting bangs, consider first if it flatters your face. Even if bangs are done with long, medium, and short hair length, this style is more of a trial and error and does not fit everybody.

When one chooses her hair to be medium length, there is no limit on how creative she can get as there are more medium hairstyles that she can use to style her hair. Each style can let her show off her best features and assets. This is why having medium length hair is becoming a trend nowadays.

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