Do not worry if your partner does not woo you with words; it is more worrying if his love is only expressed in words but actions are missing. Here are the actions which show the love of men:

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Makes plans for your future – you may have never heard declarations of love from your partner, but the words “together”, “us”, “two”, “will” are more than eloquent.
Shows concern and makes sacrifices in order to make you feel good, happy or calm.
Trusts you fully and completely. Well, there’s always one small exception that can lead to a dispute. But on the other hand, the dispute is also a manifestation of love – if a man doesn’t love you, he will not find it necessary to argue with you about anything. It would be just words in the wind and a waste of time invested in a meaningless cause.
Small gestures, of course! Not necessarily flowers and candy; even a bunch of dry leaves from a nearby park or morning coffee, made with love, speaks enough about the feelings of the man beside you.
If he is willing to share with you his precious toys (remote control, joystick, laptop, etc.) and allows you to drink his beer and share his food, be sure that he is crazy about you.