Multi-Tasking Power! Six Things to Do While Drying Your Hair


Work On a Shapely Backside

While you blow dry your hair in the morning, work on the other end of your body as well by doing squats that help your thighs, hips and booty get strong and shapely. Simply position your feet hip width apart and slowly lower and raise your body up again as if you are sitting in and getting up from a chair. You can add in other leg and backside exercises such as knee lift or rear kicks if you have enough room. The goal is not to work up a sweat, but just get some strength training in.

Strengthen Your Calf Muscles Too

If your hair is not dry by the time you are done with the squats, consider some calf raises as well. You can also alternate days. All you need to do to strengthen your calves is to rise up on your toes and then back down again repeatedly. Do 10 or 12 with your toes pointed straightforward, slightly turned to the outside and slightly turned to the inside. This will give all the muscles in your lower leg, ankles and feet a good workout and give you the strong and shapely legs you want.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE