My 5 Proven Self Improvement Steps on How to Live Your Dream Life


So it is halfway through the year and you have not kept many of your New Year’s resolutions just as you had in previous years. You wonder if a dream life is available and even attainable for you because you endure many setbacks in your finances, career, marriage and with parenting. But you do not have to live this way because it is possible to live your dream life without regrets. The first thing you want to do is desire the dream life you want and after this you need to develop a plan and be committed to the goal. A strong support system that includes your spouse, children, friends and family is also helpful.

 1. Write Most Important But Realistic Goals

 In order to achieve your dream life, it is important that you write your most important and realistic goals so you can know what kind of plan you need to develop in order to make them come true.






For example, if your goal is to transition from a career in TV broadcasting to a career in nonprofit work, write down what you will need to do in order to complete the goal. Or if your goal is to start a family-operated supermarket with your spouse and adult children, think about how you would obtain the funds and educate yourself on starting a business.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

 If you have big dreams for your life, don’t be afraid to strive for them because you may inspire others to do the same, particularly if you achieve the dream. Don’t dwell on your current hardships because many people achieved big dreams despite troubles in their lives. If you desire to start your own environmental awareness organization but you live in a city that does not support environmental rights or other related issues, you can meet people in your city that share your goals and then proceed to start the organization,….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE