Nail Art Designs for Women



Are you tired of seeing boring, solid colors applied on your nails? Do you feel as if there is something missing when your fingernails are painted with dull or plain colors? If your answer is yes, you may want to consider trying the latest nail fashion trend today. Nail art designs are becoming more and more popular and in-demand these days. Women who are into nail art could choose to have either beautiful graphic pattern or intricately embellished design. This new trend has dramatically changed the traditional manicure art and continuously drawing the attention of many women, especially those who want to improve their sense of style.

What exactly is nail art?

Basically, nail art refers to the drawing of creative or artistic patterns on fingernails. Nail art further expresses one’s personality, most especially when it comes to her sense of fashion. There is a variety of nail art designs that you can choose from. You can pick a simple yet creative design, funky, outrageous, or intricate pattern, depending on your style.



This procedure of painting cool designs on nails is one of the fun ways to revitalize your look. It is also an ideal for those who love to accessorize for a special event.

History of Nail Art

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Image Source: zuri

Chinese were the first people who practiced nail art way back 3000 BC. They used enamel on their fingernails and left it for a number of hours, resulting to a pink finish on their nails. Next to Chinese are the Indians who used dye derived from the Henna plant. Egyptians, on the other hand, used nail art to identify high class and lower class individuals. Nail art designs before were very simple and plain until the 19th century when the manicure was invented, which opened many opportunities for beauty salons and spa. Later on, the moon manicure became popular. This nail art design involves painting the middle of the nail only and leaving the moon of the nail uncolored.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE