Nail Art Designs for Women


As time passed by, nail art has become more creative, and new colors and pigments were introduced. It has become part of the fashion industry. Apart from that, nail art procedure was also improved, allowing designs to be completed quicker, smoother, and hassle-free.

Types of Nail Art

There are several types of nail art designs. These include the following below:

3D Nail Art
One of the most appealing designs is the 3D form. This exquisite design usually involves the use of different materials, which include gels, color acrylics, and special type of glue. You can achieve just about any pattern or design that you like, from flowers, animal figures to shapes.

Nail Piercing
Nail piercing is another type of nail art that can be done on your natural nails and the artificial ones. Basically, small holes are done at the tips of the nails and decorated with rings, beads, and other glittery materials. It is a painless procedure that can be quickly finished without requiring a rehabilitation period.

Decorative Art Design
Decorative art design is probably one of the simplest nail art designs and quite common in women. Drawings are made using needles, brushes, and sticks. Other materials include lacquer or aqueous paints, nail polish, etc.

Photo Nail Art
As the name suggests, this type of nail art involves the application of pictures to fingernails. It is done using nail printers. Depending on the type or model of the nail printer, you can create a variety of patterns and apply them on a number of artificial nails all at once.

Aquarium Nail Art
This type of nail art uses color acrylics and is applied on fake nails. Common patterns are usually complemented by foil and dried flowers. The picture actually looks like in 3D form and viewed as if it’s under an aquarium glass, hence named Aquarium nail art.

Nail Art Tools and Equipment

Brush Sets
One of the most common tools used in nail art designs is the brush sets. There is an array of brush sets that you can choose from depending on your needs. You can pick the 6-piece set if you are still a beginner, or a 15-piece set for those who want to try and create more artistic designs. As much as possible, invest in quality set of nail art brushes. Common types of brushes include the fan-shaped, thing brushes, flat-angled brushes, as well as long stripers, which can be bought online or offline.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE