NEW! 6 Amazing Tattoo Ideas


Do you get tired of wearing the same tattoo designs over and over? Then you will like the following ideas for tattoos. Common tattoo designs are names, flowers, images of entertainers, dragons, and sometimes musical instruments. There is nothing wrong with these but over time they become stale and overused. The good thing about having creative tattoos is that you are wearing something on your body that others have not thought about.


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1. Old School Photography

One idea is to have the tattoo artist apply an old school camera to your body because old school cameras such as the classic Polaroid will initiate conversations with those you come across. Another idea is to include a design of reel and film from cameras because it serves as photographic nostalgia. It also lets others know that you strive to live in the moment every day.

2. Around The World Travel

Whether you visited different countries or you aspire to visit certain destinations one day, a good tattoo design idea is one that pertains to visiting different places. For example, if you are a big fan of Caribbean culture, you can ask the tattoo artist to design three to four flags from different Caribbean nations such as Cuba and Haiti.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE