New Polish Collection


This is a nail polish collection that has been created in order to perfect bronzed skin. Butter LONDON’s new collection is going to bold your iconic style, and it going to bring out the best in your color choices.

 1. For the women

For all of you women out there – butter LONDON’s Summer Holiday 2013 nail polish collected has been intricately created and enhanced so that women can show off their style. This is a lovely line that consists of some of the most seductive shades of summer colors for 2013. The pigments in which the nail polish is centered around are earth tones but with a sensual spin on them. The newer ones were mixed up so that they bring out your sun kissed skin, and then you can deliver that visual impact that everyone is looking for with cosmetic lines, clothing and polishes this year.





2. Who are the designers

The designers of butter London have always enhanced the energy in their colors with high-quality  shades that bring out the best in skin colors and seasonal hues. This will only contribute to the way that the  sun will kiss your skin. Their efforts are really paying off with the lines that they are creating, and they are now being recognized internationally due to their creativity and brilliance. This is proof that the team behind the line has pushed the boundaries, and they have made that really clear with LONDON’s Summer Holiday 2013 polish line, which features fashion forward pigments that have been created without the use of harmful ingredients that are used in some other lines. Some of those ingredients are Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene and Parabens. This new range of fantastic and sleek nail lacquer is bound to give you the look that you’ve been wanting in a polish. This is the best and most quality polish and fashion accessory.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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