Nice Hair Styles for Short Hair


There are many hairstyles that can be used by people with short hair, especially women. Though it can be a little daunting because of the short length of the hair, but creating a really, eye-grabbing hair style is perfectly possible for short hair. These are some of the best hair styles for short hair that is currently trending this 2014.

The Casual Wavy Bob

For many women who are more comfortable wearing short hair, one of the best styles to go for is the wavy bob. This is more suitable for women who have a thin face. This classic hairstyle adds a little flair by adding a wavy look to a rather mundane bob haircut. It focuses on creating a sense of movement in one’s hair, as if the hair is molded by the caressing waves of the sea.

The Stylish Sleek up do hair styles for short hair






Perfect for women who wants to have a sophisticated look and wears short hair. It is a variation of the brush-up style normally used by men, but with feminine style. This is a nice way to show one’s face in a beautiful, sleek and elegant way. It is perfect for women who are confident and wants to sends lasting impression to people.


Image Source: themuse

The Cute Angled Bob and its Variations

For many women who are fond of wearing short hair, the bob has always been the favorite. However, it can be a little mundane, especially for those who wants to remain stylish. That is why many hairstylists have created beautiful variations of this simple hairstyle. The Angled bob is one of the best and most popular hair styles for short hair. It is a nice bob style which allows the bangs to flow down on both sides of the face. In some styles, it can be made to seemingly caress the face as it flows gently down. There are other variations of this that can be used to accentuate short hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE