Nine mistakes that women hardly forgive


2. Secrecy
Concealing desires, wishes, events, etc., always has a negative impact on the relationship. There should be sharing and transparency in a relationship. The partners should be able to discuss any subject by finding the right language for this.

3. Lies
Lies are the second major and almost always unforgivable mistake that men make in their relationships. Sooner or later the truth comes out, but you have already affected the levels of trust of your partner.

4. You do not support her
There will be many times when your wife or girlfriend will need your support. If she senses that you are not standing behind her, if she finds herself alone against all cares and problems, this would leave a lasting mark on your relationship. If you do not support her opinion or her position about a certain problem, talk to her and give her an advice, but you should not be passive and uninterested. Relationships in which the man does not support his spouse (respectively when she does not support him) are usually falling apart.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE