Nine mistakes that women hardly forgive


5. You have forgotten her birthday or your wedding anniversary
Forgetting her birthday is one of the biggest mistakes that men make. Women hardly forgive that and for sure they do not forget such mistakes.

6. You dump her on holidays
A big mistake that shows the lack of interest towards the partner. If you do not really have a good reason that can separate you from the person you love when there is a big holiday, it is unforgivable move by your side.

7. You compare her with your mother
To be a housewife, a wife, a mother and to build a successful career at work is something that every woman should deal with every day. On the other hand, there are few men that appreciate this versatility of their wives, and they often make stupid comments, comparing the culinary skills of their spouses (quite often) with these of their mothers. This is unforgivable mistake.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE