Ombre Nails Techniques and Trends



Basic Technique for Ombre Nails

With ombre nails, you are fading from one nail color to the next. For example, if you are doing ombre nails with yellow and gold nail polish, the top part of the nails would be painted yellow and on the bottom it would be faded into the gold color. Start the process by getting rid of your old nail polish and then clean the cuticles. After you do this, you should apply clear polish to the nails before applying the ombre design.

Additional Tips on Doing Ombre Nails

To do the nails, you want to first apply the first color on your nails and then you let this dry for five to ten minutes.





Once this dries, you would place a tiny piece of tape around the top half of the nails then apply the second color to the bottom of the nails. Let dry the same way you did with the top half and then remove the tape from the top part of the nails.


Image Source: vilaclub

Ideas for Ombre Nails

If you are doing ombre nails and it is summertime, here are some neat colors to have for ombre nails. You can combine bubble gum color with a turquoise, or you can combine lime green with white for a playful yet sophisticated look. Purple and powder blue are also cool for a summery ombre nail. For Halloween-based ombre nails, you can create orange-and-white nails with Halloween-themed nail decals. Or you can have metallic silver and black nails with polka dot designs on the front of the nails.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE