Palmistry : How to Read Palms


Palmistry is the official name for what we call “palm reading.” It represents an entire pseudoscience to decipher the nature and destiny of a person by simply taking into account the lines of the palm, finger size, the shape of their footprints  and more interesting details.


It sounds complicated, and maybe it really is not. It is not difficult, however, to find for yourself the main lines of the hand and make key findings.


Let’s start with the heart line. To read it, you should look at your dominant hand – the one you write with.

How to Read Palms
How to Read Palms

Image Source: buzzle

It is believed that this line indicates emotional stability, love perspectives, your propensity to depression and heart health. It is located in the upper part of the palm, under the fingers (see the diagram). Depending on the length and shape, the heart line has different meanings.

– From your little finger to the index – you will probably have misfortune in your love life….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE