Permanent Hair Straightening



Before you decide to get permanent hair straightening, you need to keep in mind that this is not for every woman since each one’s hair texture is different. The straightening breaks all bonds in your hair that causes your hair to have waves and curls, leading to permanent straightening of your hair. When you get the straightening, be aware that this straightener contains harsh chemicals that could harm your hair and cause split ends. In fact, the results of the straightener are not completely permanent because as your hair grows, you will need to get touch ups occasionally. But the benefit is that you have hair that is easier to manage. The price is expensive.






How To Properly Straighten Your Hair With Permanent Hair Straightening Kit

You do not always have to visit the stylist for a perm session because beauty supply stores have permanent hair straightening kits that allow you to perm your hair at home. The first thing you need to do is comb out all tangles in your hair then apply Vaseline all around the neck, sides of your hair and front of the head to reduce burning and scab development from the perm. The next thing you should do is to part your hair in four sections then begin perming your hair. Finally, let the perm sit in your hair for the amount of time stated on the package and wash thoroughly afterwards. Proceed to drying and styling your hair as usual.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE