Permanent Hair Straightening


Should Little Girls Get Permanent Hair Straightening?

Because a little girl’s hair is still growing, it is not wise to give her a permanent hair straightening since this product contains strong chemicals and this may damage her hair in the long run. However, if your girl is over age ten, there are hair straightening products on the market that are designed just for kids and that are mild on the hair.

Choosing A Safe Permanent Hair Straightening

If you want to get the safest at-home permanent hair straightening kit, you should look for a kit that has all natural and non-toxic chemicals, and you will find these kits at natural health stores. Sometimes your stylist can order this kit and use it on your hair if you are not skilled in perming your own hair. You should look at the expiration date since an expired product may not be safe for your hair. If it has a lot of hard-to-pronounce chemicals on the label, this may mean the perm is not safe to use.


When you get a permanent hair straightening, your hair will be easier to style and you have more options in choosing certain styles to wear. However, you need to consider the texture of your hair before getting a perm so that you will not cause hair loss with the hair straightening kit. Never leave the perm in your hair for a very long time because your hair could fall out as a result.