Some of the Most Popular Sleeping Positions



Every sleeping position has a meaning you might not have known or cared to investigate. A sleeping position in some cases says a lot about the personality of an individual, and this image and the descriptions below let you know what each position means.

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• Log: This position is of an individual who is relaxed and sociable.

• Foetus: Guff people find themselves using this, but with warm and open hearts. They are very sensitive, while appearing tough.

• Yearner: This sleeper here is quite reserved, very suspicious and cynical, but open to new things.

sleeeping sposition
sleeeping sposition

Image Source: pakistyles

Once the person makes up his mind, he sticks to it.

• Freefaller: The person who uses this position tends to be confident, does not like being criticized and has a very nervous personality. When making quick decisions, he is very good.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE