Prom Hairstyles 2014



This is the season when schools usually hold one of the most memorable and talked-about event for every student – the promenade or simply, the prom. It is a semi-formal dance event or gathering that almost every high school student is looking forward to. It is a popular and a major event that is typically held near the end of the school year.

Prom Hairstyles 2014

Whether you are fond of classic and romantic fashions or trendy and modern do’s, there are prom hairstyles 2014 that will definitely suit your dress and flatter your best facial features. The hairstyle you will choose has to be based on your sense of style and the outfit that you plan to wear on your big night. Here are some beautiful hair ideas that can make you look fantastic in your prom photos:






Curls for long hair – this is the easiest hair type to work with as it is flexible and looks great whether worn up or down. Thick curls are one of the most popular styles for prom. You can achieve it by yourself, and there’s no need to spend for a stylist. Just use curling iron to add up big looping spirals to accentuate your face.
Low Buns – it is a simple style, also applicable for long hair. It works well for day to day wear to prom night. For a stylish low bun, just wash your hair, part the one side and put up a pony tail. You can use an elastic band or hair tie to create a loose, low bun. You may add up floral accessory or pearls to the top of your bun for a gorgeous finish.
Blunt Bob – is good for naturally strong, healthy hair. This looks great for prom and just need to accent with colored highlights.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE