4 Prom Makeup Ideas


2. Prom Night Makeup for Blondes

 When you choose makeup as a blonde, you want makeup that matches your skin tone. Makeup with yellow or gold undertones best match your skin tone and for eyeliner, you can go for a chocolate color to create a contrast look. As for eyeshadow, some good colors to use include gray, silver, pink or violet if you have blue eyes. If you have green eyes you can choose eyeshadow colors such as plum or light red. Blondes with brown eyes can use neutral tones. For your cheeks you can apply blush in colors rose, peach or apricot and for the lips mocha or nude color is the best color.

3. Makeup for Red Prom Dresses

 If you are wearing a red prom dress, stay away from bold red makeup because it creates an overabundance of red in your outfit. If you are wearing a bright-colored red prom dress a light red lipstick is the best choice and you can wear a coral-colored blush on your face. For a classy look to the eyes when wearing a red dress, you can go for the dark smoky look and one option is to apply a dark color to the eyelids while and then you would add a lighter eye shadow color to the crease of your eyes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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