Pull Up Your Bridal Look with Wedding Hair Pieces


How to Choose the Right Wedding Hair Pieces

Before purchasing or choosing the wedding hair pieces to use on your big day, consider these things first to achieve that perfect look.

• Decide which hairstyle you will wear. This will determine the right wedding hair pieces to use. Are you set on having a bun? If you have long, thick hair, you can opt for bigger hair accessories rather than using small pieces, which are less noticeable.

Wedding Hair Pieces

Wedding Hair Pieces
Wedding Hair Pieces

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• Check each hair accessory. View your chosen hair piece from all angles as if you fit your wedding gown. Some accessories look different once you wear them. Also, the shape of the hair piece may influence how it looks from a vantage point.
• Take the color into consideration. The hue of your hair piece should complement the color of your wedding gown. For vintage-inspired look, a hair clip or headband with exposed metal is an ideal piece.
• Your hair piece should work together with your other accessories such as jewelry and veil.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE