How to Quickly and Easily Make Sparkling Nails Design


Sparkling nail polish are very good because they suggest glamor and party time, being very modern and reminiscent of the disco era. The nails are fun to wear and fun to prepare, and some simple steps are involved if you want to make the design which stands out.

The tips presented below are for the average woman who wants to look good without the need to hire a professional. The steps are easy to follow when making the sparkling nail design, and you will have the amazing effect you have always desired.

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These are some of the things needed:

– a purple nail polish
– nail base coat;
– a glitter nail polish.


Sparkling Nails Design
Sparkling Nails Design


Image Source: chicfactorgazette

The base coat should be applied as a protection for your nails. Then the purple nail polish should be taken out and then paint the top of the nail, making it to fade – the thick layer on the top and the thinner layer at the bottom. In order to make a better blend, a slight tapping can also be done instead of simply sliding the nail polish brush. Finally, glitter polish should be applied along the entire nail.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE