Quit Smoking – Electrical Stimulation Therapies 


Scientists have discovered that the human body’s nervous system is built according to a precise electrical design, the building block being the neurone. Neurones are nerve cells that carry electric impulses from the brain – the body’s command center – to all of the organs and body tissues. When one light’s a cigarette, he or she does so because the brain detects dipping levels of nicotine or another factor that activates the smoking reflex. Then, the brain sends electric “messages” to the smoker’s hands. It logically follows that there might be a way to prevent the delivery of such “harmful messages” from the brain or, alternatively, prevent the brain itself from sending them.  With the advance of science and technology over the past few years, several quit smoking therapies, based on electrical stimulation of certain brain areas have evolved.






The Bioresonance therapy is a drug-free and painless method to kick out the habit of smoking. This method has demonstrated the astounding ninety-percent success rate! Basically, smokers crave their next cigarette because the nicotine contained inside has an electromagnetic charge over their bodies. The bioresonance device inverts the energy patterns of nicotine which are then passed to the body via electrodes. At this point, the process is at the cancellation phase which means that the message “I want to smoke”, sent by the brain, rarely reaches the smoker’s hand. As a result, the electromagnetic charge of nicotine is reduced. In addition, cancellation erases the energetic pattern of nicotine from the brain, i.e. the brain no longer sends “harmful messages to the smoker’s hand because the memory of nicotine has faded away.     ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE