Quit Smoking – Electrical Stimulation Therapies 


Another highly-successful quit smoking method, based on electrical stimulation, is the auricular therapy. The effectiveness of this treatment program is due to the fact that it treats both, the psychological aspect of the problem and the desire for nicotine. This therapy involves safe and painless treatment of the auricles at several acupuncture points, induced with mild electrical stimulation.

As mentioned, the message “I want to smoke” is sent when the nicotine level in the smoker’s body drops. Much like the Bioresonance treatment, auricular therapy interrupts the sending of this harmful message. Moreover, the electrical stimulations, given at exact points of the outer ear, help to interrupt the signals sent to the brain and demanding more nicotine. Thus, the smoker gradually overcomes his addiction to nicotine. It should be mentioned that the chain smokers who undergo auricular therapy do not face any withdrawal symptoms. However, this smoking cessation method is effective only if the smoker is ready and highly-determined to kick out the habit.