Quit Smoking Plasters: Aids for People with Strong Will


Quit smoking plasters are a nicotine replacement product which has been used as a method to stop smoking since the early 90s.
These plasters work by releasing a controlled dose of nicotine to the body and thus reducing the withdrawal symptoms in the users. The plasters come in doses of 21 mg, 14 mg, and 7 mg, which allows for the steady decrease in nicotine intake during the course of the treatment. The 21 mg plasters have the most nicotine and are usually used in the beginning of the therapy.
A quit smoking plaster should be applied to a clean, dry skin once a day and should be worn between 16 and 24 hours.





The duration of the plaster therapy will depend on the particular brand you are using (for more information, consult the product’s instructions). If you have sleep disturbances, do not apply plasters during the night.
It is also recommended that you refrain from smoking while you use them because you may get a severe nicotine overdose. Among the symptoms of the nicotine overdose are: dizziness, strong headaches, vomiting, indigestion, cold sweating, redness and swelling at the plaster site. If you have severe bouts of any of these, do not hesitate to call a doctor.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE