Quit Smoking through Hypnosis


If you smoke, at some point of your life you have learned to how to do it: you were not born this way. The history of hypnosis, as a method of psychological treatment, dates back to the eighteenth century, with the pioneering experience of Friedrich Anton Mesmer. However, the method is only now employed to curb mankind’s dependency on nicotine and tobacco products.
In its essence, hypnosis is a learning or re-learning process.

Thus, the smokers who undergo a hypnosis therapy unlearn the habit of smoking and learn how to be non-smokers once again. Just like the electrical impulse therapies, the quit smoking hypnosis techniques erase the habit of reaching out for another cigarette from the smoker’s brain.





Unlike many other stop smoking programs, the method of hypnosis does not create a feeling that the smoker has been deprived of some pleasurable experience.
The specialists who employ hypnosis as a smoking cessation tool proceed in such a way as to remove the particularly unpleasant feeling of deprivation, as well as the smoker’s need and desire to smoke. The hypnotherapist has a specific training and expertise that helps the smoker to relax and guide him/her at the subconscious level, where he or she could realize what factors unlock the smoking reflex of the patient in order to overcome them.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE