Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight


The healthiest decision a smoker can make is to quit smoking. However many smokers, women in particular, due to the fear of gaining weight, continue to indulge in the harmful habit.

Weight gain, after quitting smoking, is quite common but luckily, it is avoidable. On average, most people gain about 2 pounds during the initial weeks after quitting, and around 8 pounds in total. There is a second group of people who don’t gain weight at all and still others who even slim down.

Weight gain that comes with quitting is related to increased appetite.





Furthermore, the stomach begins to more fully absorb the food. Nicotine has the property of suppressing the appetite and once the body is devoid of its regular dose, people may feel excessive hunger. Moreover, smoking activates the metabolism. A pack of cigarettes per day equals to 250 calories. When a person quits, his or her metabolism inevitably slows down.

The right approach to avoid packing on pounds is to stick to a healthy diet and regular physical exercises. Once a person kicks the habit, he or she may often experience an urge to lit a cigarette, especially in the first few days. A glass of water and a selection of healthy snacks, such as apples, dried fruits, sugarless gum, or air-popped popcorn, is a great way to deal with the cigarette cravings.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE