Reasons Why Girls Should Not Wear Underwear


Have you ever got sick of changing the innerwear. You must feel lazy when you need to daily wash it or change it. You should know the benefits of not wearing panties every day.

Have you ever thought how your life would become if you don’t wear panties. There are researches which have found that there is no piece of cloth which is bothering between private parts. But you cannot throw these panties as you need them when you keep it in cupboard.

1. Enjoy the Air

An underwear does not allow air to pass through private parts. So you need to keep it healthy and hygienic. You can keep the air circulation in your private parts to make it infection free.

2. It lacks Moisture

The underwear locks the air and irritates the private part of body. This may cause infection and irritation.

3. Saves Money

You don’t require to hit market to wear underwears.