Select Eyebrow Shape According to Your Face Shape



Thin, like a thread, eyebrows highlighted the mysterious look of an actress Marlene Dietrich. The dark and thick eyebrows of Brooke Shields added charming innocence and helplessness to this celebrity’s face.
A face without eyebrows astounds people because of its queerness and attracts attention. More than likely, 1960s starlet Dalida knew about this when she used this trick. Suddenly her face became strangely attractive and intriguing. . .


Shape, Width, and Length of Eyebrows
Fashion, capricious and ever changing as it is, has never left the eyebrows unnoticed. In the 1930s, modern women discarded eyebrows completely, drawing two thin arcs above the natural brow line instead. In the 1940s, the eyebrow line became a little bit more straight and thick. Then in the 1950s, eyebrows went natural.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE